FAWC - Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competitions

About FAWC

The Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competitions (FAWC) was founded by veteran alligator wrestlers to promote the dangerous and extreme sport of alligator wrestling to a professional level.

Alligator wrestling started as a survival technique by the Seminole Indians to capture and transport live alligators back to their camps for food. Generations later, this technique has evolved into a spectator sport that rivals the dangers of any contact sport today.

Alligator wrestling, as a competitive sport, is evolving in many ways like professional bull riding through its heritage and tradition. The founders: James Holt, David Weathers, Ian Tyson and Clinton Holt have over 50 years of alligator wrestling and animal entertainment experience. FAWC requires competitors and officials to meet a certain standard of experience and expertise to ensure that the contest is held at the highest level both for safety and competition.


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